4,498 nurses in Trentino, but more than 400 are missing

I am in Trentino 4498 registered nurses Until December 31, 2023. Last year, a positive sign (+65) was recorded in the balance of registrations and cancellations, 110 out of 175 new registrations were released. There are 4456 nurses in Trentino, 42 pediatric nurses always dominate the sector 3,765 donnes (83%) Against 733 men.

The age of nurses is heavy: 592 are nurses aged 56-60, 755 are aged 51-55 and finally 656 are aged 46-50. Basically, 45% of Trentino nurses are between 46 and 60 years old, which means that in the next fifteen years there will be about two thousand people who will leave the profession in Trentino every year, about 130 people.

However, numbers of nurses aged 26-30 (566) and 31-35 (506) are positive, with the two groups accounting for 24% of registrants. Still the province of Trento stands There are 7.8 nurses per thousand people, better than the Italian value (6.2) but still below the OECD average (9.2). Currently, there is a shortage of approximately 253 nurses at the structural level and another 180/200 family and community nurses in our area: Therefore, the need will be between 433 and 453 nurses in Trentino.

“Today – explained the president of the Order of Trentino Daniel Pedrotti – represents a moment to recognize the value of our profession in the healthcare system. “We feed health” (That was the name of the meeting held on May 13, ed.) no it’s just a slogan, but more: every day, through science and relationships, as our founder Florence Nightingale taught us, nurses truly nurture the health of citizens. This means providing 360-degree care to a person not only from a physical point of view, but also from an emotional, psychological and social point of view. This means promoting healthy lifestyles, educating patients and their families, supporting people on their healing journey and protecting their rights. A nurse does this in her daily activities. Being a nurse means devoting yourself to a noble and precious yet complex profession that requires compassion, dedication, and ever-increasing skills. “Every day we face great challenges and responsibilities, we take care of fragile and vulnerable people in the tender moments of their lives.”

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