Mendoni on the Parthenon sculptures: “There was never an Ottoman farm”

Lina Mendoni, Minister of Culture from Rhodes, referring to the relevant statement of the Turkish representative, said that “there was never an Ottoman farm” for the Parthenon statues.

The Minister of Culture said during the opening of the Pervola gardens: “On Friday night, the work of the special intergovernmental committee of UNESCO on discussions on the return of illegally exported cultural goods to their countries of origin was completed. According to the information of ERT of the Grand Masters Palace.

“As it is known for the last 40 years, one of the constant topics of the agenda is related to the Parthenon statues. And this time the committee reached a recommendation calling on the two sides, Britain and Greece, to resolve this decades-old problem.

Greece is always open to dialogue. He worked and will work so that the great national goal of meeting the national demand for the reunification of the Parthenon statues in Athens in the Acropolis museum becomes a reality,” the minister continued.

“One of the interesting points of the meeting was the discussion about Elgin’s famous “Firmani” in quotation marks. I put it in quotation marks because it is an argument from the British side and it has been proven not to be true.

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