July 9 with Manet, Festa, Demiri, Trypi, Triantafyllidou

Directed by François Ozon, starring Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Hyper, Fanny Ardan and others. Robert Thomas’ famous detective comedy “Eight Women”, which we also saw in the cinema with, travels to Greece this summer to present large doses. laughter, mystery and twists in a recital of untouchable female dream team performances.

Directed by Christos Sougaris, the following actors play: Yro Mane, Iota Festa, Tania Trypi, Eugenia Dimitropoulou, Ioanna Triantafyllidou, Eugenia Xygorou, Mariza Tsari and Fotini Demiri are known to come from Patras and especially from Kaminia.

The play is directed by Christos Sougaris, director of the hits “Court of Miracles: The Musical”, “Scrooge and ghosts and rock and roll” and “Troads”.

As we can see in the posters and advertising banners placed in various places of Patras, the show “8 Women”, which started its tour from the Vrakhon Theater in Athens on July 5, will also come to Patras on Tuesday, July 9, 2024. at the Summer Municipal Theater on the side of the Pampeloponnesian stadium.


Eight women were trapped in an isolated house on the occasion of a family reunion. Suddenly, they encounter a murder, but also their best-kept secret.

Gaby, wife of tycoon Marcel, two daughters, Suzon and Catherine, sister-in-law, Augustine, mother-in-law, Mamie, his uninvited and unwanted sister, Pierrette, secret housekeeper, Madame Chanel and beautiful maid Louise.

They are all suspect.

The host Marcel, the only man in the house, is brutally murdered in his room. Since no one entered the house last night, suspicion of murder falls on them – and only them.

In the end, was he a kind, gentle family man who was unbearably oppressed by the women around him, or was he the classic exploitative, unfaithful and abusive man?

The answers are only on stage.

* The audience is asked not to reveal the end of the play after watching the play!

The price of tickets is 20 euros for regular tickets and 17 euros for discounted tickets – unemployed, students, disabled.

Tickets Rodopoulos Bookstore, Discover Bookstore, Joe Records and ticketing services.

Translation: Kosmas Fotoukis
Director: Christos Sugaris
Set – Costumes: Eleni Manolopoulou

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