Has the “end” of the diet come?

We talk with Michalis Kefalogiannis about the “end” of dieting as a solution to maintaining a stable weight, and whether there is finally a secret “recipe” for a happy, long-term life on the show “Vita for All Our Lives”. term relationship.

Experts explain that diets are often not the answer and provide “tools” that can help you maintain a consistent diet plan for years. Michalis Kefalogianni’s guest is actress Eugenia Panagopoulou, who shares her experience with diets.

In the remaining segments of the show, we talk about muscle building and its value, especially after age 35, and watch videos about the “summer slump.”

The show “All About Our Lives” in collaboration with Vita magazine and vita.gr brings to the fore issues that concern us and ways to improve our lives at every level.

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