Jubilee event of the Olympic Games held at the Sorbonne

On June 16, 1894 Baron Pierre de Coubertin was organized in World Sports Conference at Sorbonne University with the main purpose Revival of the Olympic Games.

A week later, on June 23, contemporaries Olympic Games it was already a reality, and Athens became the first world capital to host them two years later, at the initiative of Dimitrios Vikelas, the first president of the International Olympic Committee and an important figure in Greek letters.

After 130 years, the Hellenic Cultural Foundation in Paris, in collaboration with the Neohellenic Institute of the Sorbonne, organized a major event for the revival of the Olympic Games on Monday, June 17, 2024, at the Richelieu Amphitheater of the historic French university. Games in which they participate writer George Archimandrites,initiator and orchestrator of the event, Olympic judo champion Thierry Ray, special consultant for the organization of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris, Violaine Jeammet, curator of the Department of Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities of the Louvre, and Julie Gavras, the current Olympic exhibition and director of the museum, friend of Dimitrios Vikelas Reading excerpts from his correspondence with the Marquis de Queux de Saint-Hilaire, extensive references are made to the Olympics and the Olympic Games of Antiquity.

Held under the auspices of the Municipality of Athens and supported by Autovision, the event reaffirmed the particularly close ties between the two countries in terms of cultural and scientific cooperation, France always being the leading host country for Greece. spirit and member of the universal Greek cultural heritaersit

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