Athens Epidaurus Festival: Tribute to Lefteris Vogiatzis

In honor of the unforgettable theater creator Lefteris Vogiatzis, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of his birth, Athens organizes the Epidaurus Festival.

Nea Skeni’s legendary Antigone, directed by Lefteris Vogiatzis in Epidaurus in 2006, starring Creon and Amalia Mutousi with him, will be screened at Choros D, Piraeus 260 on June 21, 22 and 23. It is a sell-out show that has been highly praised by audiences and critics and has been presented at the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus for two years in a row.

The projection we are going to watch is a tape recording of a performance repeated in Epidauria in 2007. On June 22, a discussion will continue with the show’s performers, who will talk about the indelible mark of this special artist on the contemporary Greek scene. The discussion will be moderated by Katerina Evagelatos, the artistic director of the Athens Epidaurus Festival, who has been her close collaborator.

Lefteris Vogiatzis served as an actor and director in Greek theater for 40 years. His name is synonymous with absolute, passionate, self-denial. He was an uncompromising man of the theater, a stage poet and a tireless researcher of the art of acting, who fundamentally changed the worldview of the theater audience and his numerous collaborators along the way.

Lefteris Vogiatzis managed to turn each of his theater performances into a separate artistic event, innovative, highly aesthetic and creative, and left an indelible mark on the Greek theater landscape.

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