Giorgos Theofanous “meets” Giorgos Katsaros

At the Pallas Theatre, June 16 – performed by Akis Deiximos, Olga Venetsianou, Nikos Papoutsis and Christina Ralli.

THE George Theophanous in front of him George Katsaros June 16 at the Pallas Theater!

The two unite different generations with their songs who grew up, loved, loved and continue to live the moments of their lives with them. Companions on this magical journey Akis Deiximos, Olga Venetsianou, Nikos Papoutsis and Christina Ralli who are distinguished by their performances.

The relationship between the two artists began in the distant 1990, when they were young George Theophanous decides to join Thessaloniki Song Festival. THE George Katsaros together with the musical “monsters” of the time, participates in the jury of the festival, which he also chairs. The orchestra of the Cypriot youth’s song charms the president and committee members and gives him the Orchestra Award. His recognition next year Giorgos Katsaros on his face Giorgos Theophanous this translates into its placement among the festival’s official orchestras.

Today, 34 years after they first met, Mr Giorgos Theofanous ANTIKRISTA to Giorgos Katsaros, the piano next to the sax meets again to give us two timeless evenings of music surrounded by an orchestra of accomplished musicians.

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