Finland: Problem with rising temperature ten degrees above normal average

THE Finland The Institute of Meteorology set a new record in May by recording 15 “extraordinary” days when temperatures exceeded the country’s official heatwave threshold.

The air temperature in the country exceeded 25 degrees for 15 days. The previous record in Finland was set in 2018, when thermometers showed temperatures of more than 25 degrees for 14 days.

Mika Rattanen, a climatology researcher at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, told AFP that it is “very unusual that we already have such hot days in May.”

According to him, the temperature is expected to remain above 25 degrees until the end of the month tomorrow, which will be equal to 16 hot days in May.

Rattane predicted that unusually high temperatures in May, nearly 10 degrees above average for a month, could be a sign that a hot summer is on the way, increasing the risk of wildfires and drought.

“The unusually warm May of 2018 was a harbinger of a very hot summer.

Mika Radtanen also warned that extreme weather events like heat waves around the world “will get worse as we continue to emit greenhouse gases.”

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