Environment: Green light from EU to ‘Save the Planet’: carbon tax for fair climate action

The European Commission has today approved the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) “To save the planet by shifting taxes from labor to greenhouse gas emissions”. The initiative calls on the EU to step up action to combat climate change by setting more ambitious targets to reduce emissions and ensure a fair distribution of costs.

Goal: Low carbon economy with social justice

The EPP offers a number of measures, such as:

  • Strengthening the adjustment package to the 55% target and the EU carbon pricing system. This includes faster withdrawals from free carbon stocks and unlimited carbon pricing.
  • Redistributing revenues from carbon pricing. A significant portion of the proceeds should be directed to:
    • Support for low-income families.
    • Strengthening the EU Social Climate Fund.
  • Creation of “Climate Club”. This would include countries adopting ambitious carbon pricing policies, with a focus on income redistribution.

EPP organizers now have six months to collect 1 million signatures from at least seven member states. If the objective is achieved, the Commission must take a position on the proposals, either implement them or justify its rejection.


  • Today’s decision is a legal step and does not prejudge the Commission’s final position on the merits of the proposals.
  • The commission will evaluate the proposals in depth at the next stage.

The European Citizens’ Initiative was created by the Treaty of Lisbon to strengthen the participation of at least 1 million citizens from 7 Member States in EU politics since 2012.

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