Ears to hear: just “corrective” therapy is enough

Six children who have been deaf since birth can finally hear the sounds of the world thanks to gene therapy

Born deaf through genetic inheritance, they seemed to remain forever.
Six little girls and one little girl A mutation in the autof gene, instead today they can hear sounds and wordsunderstand where they come fromfollow the rhythm of the music and dance.
I allow what was once called a miracle results of experimental gene therapy started in 2023 management in the ears correct DNA sequence through an adeno-associated virus.

The DNA question

Thanks to a small, non-invasive intervention, therefore, for six children who participated in a study published in the journal Nature Medicine and conducted by a team of researchers from the US Mass Eye and Ear hospital and the China Eye and Ear hospital, Shanghai Fudan University, they have they could hear for the first time in their livesbecause of a sense attached to them before Autof gene mutation how they are affected prevented the production of the essential protein for hearing mechanisms to work: autoferlin.

The hope is that it could also work for non-congenital deafness

“The results of these studies are surprising: we continue to see this The hearing ability of treated children improves significantly and new research shows additional benefits of gene therapy given to both ears – the researchers commented -. These results confirm the efficacy of the treatment and are an important step in gene therapy for genetic hearing loss.”
After the introduction of gene therapy, children in only one ear in 2022 and in both the following year is constantly monitored and the clinical trial is still ongoing.
The results are great, but scientists say it’s time to do it the trial period should be extended for more patients.
Fix dn errorWhat caused these children’s deafness may actually be only the first step: gene therapy may actually be useful for intervening in deafness that is solely responsible for factors other than genetic factors. 26 million cases congenital deafness in the world.

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