Belcantes and CoroAvanti on June 21 at the New Town Hall of Patras

Patras International Festival celebrates European Music Day on Friday, June 21 at 9:30 p.m. with a special concert where endless “Music Tones” will “bounce”.

The concert will be held in the new Town Hall atrium of Patras and will include the presentation of an anthology of favorite songs written by prominent Greek authors.

The Evikoon Melos music creative ensemble will join together with musicians from the local community to provide an unforgettable musical experience and take the audience on a unique musical journey.

The concert features Iro, a composer and performer with a long experience of singing, and two of the best choirs of Patras.

The multi-award winning VelCantes (Agios Andreas Parish) with maestro Elena Droukopoulou and the beautiful vocal ensemble “CoroAvanti ♪” (Orfea of ​​Patras) conducted by soloist Lina Geronikou.

The concert, to which admission is free, emphasizes the message of peace, solidarity and culture that is the symbol of this day.“CoroAvanti ♪” vocal group (“Orfea” of Patras)

Songs will be played: This is who I am – (HERO), This is how relationships are – (HERO), I want you to hold me – (HERO), I will always love you – (D. Parton), La vita e bella – ( N. Piovani ), Beautiful city – (M. Theodorakis), If You Remember My Dream – (M. Theodorakis), The Black Lady in Her Hair – (M. Theodorakis), Myrtle – (M. Theodorakis). ), Complaint (Xenitia) – (Dinkjian & Nikolakopoulou ), Jump into the river – (M. Theodorakis), Haramata ih three o’clock – (M. Vamvakaris), Sunday dawns – (M. Plessas), Immortal water – (M. Plessas), If I Give You Up My Love – (M. Plessas), Kidnapping – (M. Theodorakis), A Small Sea – ( D. Savvopoulos), Seascape – (D. Savvopoulos), Tik Tik – (traditional), One Sky m Stars – (M. Plessas), Mother Sea – (Th. Mikroutsikos), I Want to Sing – (M. Theodorakis), Mananita Pueblerina – ( I. Carreno), Good Night – (traditional) ), Wake Up – Short Braid lemon – Forty-five lemons – (traditional), Lullaby – (M. Loizos), Koimasai kori m’ – (traditional), Tou pothou peristeria – (N. Exarchos), Margoudi – (traditional).

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