Denies allegations of inappropriate behavior on the set of ‘Megalopolis’

American director, screenwriter and producer Francis Ford Coppola denies allegations of inappropriate behavior during the filming of the new movie “Megapolis”.

On the eve of the premiere of the famous director, “The Guardian” published a report with allegations of “chaotic behavior” on the set and also Coppola’s “pulled women to sit on his lap” and “he was trying to kiss them”.

“I’m not effusive,” said the 85-year-old director. The 140-minute Megalopolis, starring Adam Driver and Aubrey Plaza, was shot at Coppola’s expense and is considered his life’s work.

In a new interview with the New York Times about the film, his mother responded to these claims citing Italy’s advice. “My mother told me that if you aggressively flirt with a woman, then you don’t respect her, and I certainly did with the girls I fell in love with,” the director concluded.

Megalopolis executive producer Darren Dimitre responded to The Guardian’s report: “I never heard any complaints of harassment or misconduct during the project. “Francis has successfully produced and directed a huge independent film, staying true to his creative vision and making all the tough decisions to ensure it was delivered on time and on budget.”

REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne

“It was two days since we shot the holiday club scene at Studio 54, where Francis walked around the set giving the cast and other actors soft hugs and kisses on the cheek to create the spirit of the scene. It was his way of inspiring and creating the atmosphere of the club, which was very important for the film,” he stressed.

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