5-6 Wednesday in Patras with writer Aleka Zografou “Mavrodafni”.

Next Wednesday, June 5, 2024, at 7:00 p.m., the launch of the new book by Alexa Zografou, a writer and journalist from Orchomenos, Boeotia, will be held at 7:00 p.m. in Patras.

The book, published by Paper City, is called “Mavrodafni” and is a fascinating book that combines history and fiction in a unique way and, as you might guess from the name, is about the famous wine Mavrodafni. It was developed by Gustavos Klaus and to this day Achaia remains perhaps Klaus’ most famous wine range.

His dreams were of land and vines, and soon after arriving in Patras, Gustavo Klaus made them come true. His love for Daphne was crazy, but it ended tragically. And to honor him, he named his best wine Mavrodaphni. Her marriage to Thomas, one of the ladies of Queen Amalia’s Palace, and the arrival of her daughters filled her life with light again. He built his castle town just outside of Patras with stone, mud and the best craftsmen. Little Rinio, who lived there with his family, became inseparable friends with Gustavus’ daughter Amalia. Years pass, Gustavos dies, but he is always a reference point in the fortress state. Where a terrible secret has been hidden for years.

A book written by Alexa Zografou, as emphasized, captures the social and cultural dynamics of the time and manages to depict the world of Patra in amazing detail. Aleka Zografou creates vivid images with her writing skills, she is able to make the reader witness events by describing landscapes, people, and emotions.

It will highlight the event Eleftheria Stergiopoulouradio producer, cultural show host on Radio Gamma 94 fm.

Aleka Zografou has written other books: Love like… Almira, Jobless with Louis Vuitton, Elektra’s Tango, For Two Emerald, The Lady of Angels, etc.

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