‘Wives’: Jennifer Lawrence tackles a murder mystery inspired by the hit reality show

After a highly competitive process, Apple Original Films acquired the mystery film “Wives” Oscar winner in the lead role Jennifer Lawrence (Jennifer Lawrence).

The project will be co-produced by Apple Studio and A24. Also appearing will be Tony Award nominees Jeremy O. Harris and Josh Godfrey through the production company Excellent Cadaver, created by Lawrence and his friend and producer Justine Ciarrocchi, as well as bb2.

Plot details are currently unknown, though sources say the project will happen inspired by the popular “Real Housewives” franchise. According to Variety, it will be the focus of the script prepared by Michael Breslin (Michael Breslin) and Patrick Foley (Patrick Foley). wealthy housewives, there may be a murderer among them.

Lawrence said earlier this year that he was a big fan of the franchise. In fact, she characteristically said on E!news that she would give her Oscar to the cast of “The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” for “I think the best reality show finale ever.”

“I will give them mine! I’m not interested. They deserve it!” he added.

It is noted that the Hollywood star will also work with Lynn Ramsey to adapt the book “Die My Love” by writer Ariana Harwich.

According to the book’s official synopsis, it’s about a woman who has just given birth in a forgotten part of the French countryside and struggles with her own demons.

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