What is the quiet box and how does it help students with dyslexia?

Students with dyslexia experience negative emotions every day that cause anxiety and frustration, which in turn lay the foundation for these students’ inability to succeed no matter how hard they try. The emotions they are experiencing are real and normal and they may just need support to manage them.

How can a box be an important tool for managing negative emotions?

A calm box is a simple box where each child puts their favorite things and things that calm and motivate them.

Dyslexia: How to build a quiet box

  • We take any paper box.
  • We ask the child to draw a nice memory on the outside of the box or stick their favorite stickers or their own pictures.
  • We ask the child to write and draw his name in a prominent place on the box.
  • We explain to him that this box is called a quiet box and he can use it when he is anxious or frustrated.
  • We ask him to put his favorite things associated with the 5 senses, for example:
    • photos of loved ones or places for him to see
    • a CD with your favorite songs to listen to
    • perfume or soap with nice scents, to smell
    • a lovely object to touch
    • favorite flavor like candy or chocolate to taste
  • We suggest that after trying to get a good grade or a diploma or medal won in some sports competition, music competition, or exam, he should pass the exam, be motivated, and not forget his successes.
  • We suggest that she keep a journal to write down her thoughts, describe her concerns, and suggest solutions. We remind him that we will be there for him in anything he wants to discuss or needs our help with.
  • We put the quiet box in the place chosen by the child.
  • Ioanna Dimitriadou is a Psychologist – Special Educator specializing in Dyslexia and Learning Difficulties (PgD

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