“…we will be family forever”

THE Jennifer Aniston knows that “Friends» will always be with him.

“Oh my God, don’t make me cry,” Aniston said emotionally when asked about the series by Quinta Branson.Actors About Actors» Before Variety added that they were “tears of joy.”

“The fact is,”friends” they have such long and beautiful lives and mean so much to so many people that it is the greatest gift the six of us could ever imagine. Yesterday we talked to each other via video call… we will be a family forever,” the famous actress commented.

It is noted that on September 22, 1994, he made his debut on the television air of the famous series. NBC. The show quickly began to gain a fanatical audience, and 30 years after its fall premiere, people’s love for the series is still undiminished.

It’s weird to think that ‘Friends’ is 30 years old,” Aniston continued, “because I still remember the day it premiered on NBC.”

How was that day? Of course, with “friends”.

“Matthew (Perry) and I were having dinner together and we knew that Lisa (Kudrow) had gone to get her hair dyed. So we ran into the hall and found her with her hair drenched in the sink and I took the shower from the guy who was washing her and started doing it myself and it got out of control. It was unfortunate, but with all the excitement we had at the time, it seemed like yesterday.” – the actress recalled excitedly.

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