“Water” by Elli Dailiani at Larissa Municipal Gallery

“to the water” is the title of his new book Ellie Dailiani (vocal coach and music performer) who will be featured Tuesday, June 18, 2024 and time 19:00 In the amphitheater lobby of the Larissa Municipal Art Gallery – GI Katsigra Museum (playhouse workshop) by “i-Write” publications.

The lady will talk about the book Photini Kaloudi (responsible for the artistic program of the “Tiritoba” Municipal Puppet Theater and Puppet Museum) and will be coordinated by Mrs. Margarita Teohari (radio producer).

This is a beautifully illustrated instructive tale for ages 2-6, written alongside the orchestration and full production of a children’s musical that aspires to be on stage in 2025 for young and old alike.

A few words about the fairy tale: “At the bottom there is a state called Neromorphy. There the sea is colorful and all its little creatures sing and dance. Mermaid Perla, the princess of the seabed, gains power thanks to her beautiful voice and flashes her tail, driving all dangerous creatures away from the Mermaid. But the cunning jellyfish Phykiada has other plans. He keeps all the oxygen for himself and grabs the baby shark, asking Perla for the most precious thing in return: Her shiny tail! Phykia casts a spell that only the power of true friendship can break. Will Perla accept Fikiada’s contract? Can our heroes prove that friendship can win when it’s right? A tale that exemplifies friendship and cooperation in the most entertaining way.”

During the presentation, the main song of the theatrical children’s performance “Mes sto nero” will be played.


Elli Dailiani is a musician, vocal coach and teaches voice, acting and musical theatre, as well as taking full preparation of students for auditions at musical theater schools abroad and acting schools in Greece. He is a certified Alexander Technique teacher and an approved member of an independent CPD organisation.

From a young age, she began music lessons with her mother, who was a musician, and continued with piano, classical and modern dance. He has a diploma in piano, orchestra, counterpoint, harmony and soloist with distinction, while also completing his studies in fugue. He specialized in musical theater at Laine Theater Arts, a music school in London. Graduated from Dance and Musical Theater with a Diploma.

She also studied ballet at the Royal Academy of Dance in London. At the same time, he received a diploma in modern theater dance from the international organization “Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance” (ISTD). He contributed to charity evenings such as “Hope” for the non-profit association “Hope” of friends with cancer and “Hope” for the club “Floga”. In 2017, he choreographed the opera “The Marriage of Figaro” and participated as a chorus member.

Since 2019, he has been performing the shows “In our health” (2023), “For my mother” (2022), “Oscar” (2020), “We are live” as a professor of classical and modern songs at the Larisa Municipal Conservatory. ” (2019) and “EUROparty” (2024) in cooperation with experienced specialists of the entertainment industry.

In 2020, she received a certificate in music teaching, and in 2021, the song “Great”, with lyrics and music by herself and orchestra Kostas Charitodiplomenou, was officially launched for women’s multivitamins “Great for Women” by Vicky Kaya. In April 2022, she received a certificate in contemporary vocal training from Berklee College of Music in Boston with a score of 100%. He created and exclusively teaches the Free Your Voice FYV method.

In February 2024, his first vocal book “How to Sing Correctly” was released in the country by “Filippos Nakas” publications. Elli Dailiani emphasizes improving students’ vocal development, combating stage anxiety, and creating an artistic portrait of them. Its motto is: “The value of a teacher is seen in the development of his students.”

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