Vovousa Festival 2024 – 10th Consecutive Year to “Take the Mountains in Person”

Focusing on nature, place and people, the Vovousa Festival has been held for the 10th year in the small mountain village of the same name in East Zagori and will continue from July 13 to August 10, 2024, with a rich program that will delight both young and old. and older and older guests.

Cooperation with this year’s activity ORILA recordsTribute to director Eva Stefanis and “Caryatis” photo exhibition George Tatakis. Let’s not forget what we love Forest companion brings children closer to nature with its workshops and engages them in creativity.

Built in the Aoos valley, Vovousa is a historic Zagori village with 35 inhabitants. It is located in its center National Forest of Northern Pindos, adjacent to the famous Valia Calda and on the edge of NATURA2000 areas. Zagori is also included in the World Heritage List as a Cultural Landscape UNESCO.

Eternally connected to waters and virgin forests, the area is home to protected species such as the Brown Bear and the Bald Eagle, and the water element dominates.

The Aoos River originates from the streams of the region where it begins its journey through Konitsa before flowing across our northern border into Albania.

The stone bridge (1748) that connects the two neighborhoods and is more recently designated as an archaeological monument symbolizes the eternal human need for communication and solidarity, two profound concepts that refer to quality human relationships.

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