The Redzep Pasha Mosque in the medieval city of Rhodes is getting a new look

The Redzep Pasha Mosque in the medieval city of Rhodes will have a new face after restoration.

In the context of strategic planning for the promotion of the medieval city included in the world list of UNESCO, the preservation and restoration of the burial monument-mausoleum, including the formation of its surroundings, is carried out by the Ministry of Culture. Heritage Site.

Funded by the Restoration and Resilience Fund, the project includes the opening, maintenance and aesthetic restoration of its design decoration, the removal of fragile coverings inside the dome and the sanitization of the background, followed by the construction of new ones and, where necessary, maintenance. marble elements and restoration of their original layout.

The lighting of the surrounding area includes the configuration of the exterior of the mosque complex and the mausoleum. Sanitary facilities are being built in the part behind the mausoleum and the warehouse. It is also planned to restore and rebuild the stone fence around the place where the plot fell, to install a wooden railing as soon as possible for the easy movement of people, and to cover the entire yard with a natural floor that is stabilized against slipping. with mobility difficulties and wheelchairs, but and the construction of a flower bed – a living room where plane trees are planned to be planted in the central part of the yard.

Minister of Culture Lina Mendoni said: Redzep Pasha Mosque, located in Dorieos Square in the Medieval Town of Rhodes, is considered one of the most important monuments of Ottoman architecture on the island. Due to its dimensions and construction method, it is assumed that it was built by highly skilled personnel and was probably summoned from the central region of the empire.

The restoration of the mosque, the neoclassical school, Hasan Bey’s mansion, the precinct is one of the projects currently implemented by the Ministry of Culture in the Medieval City, with a total budget of approximately 20,000,000 euros, mainly from the Restoration Fund. . The medieval city of Rhodes is one of the great comparative advantages of not only Rhodes and the Dodecanese, but also Greece.

It is a rare residential complex in our country, with its fortifications and town planning, public buildings, temples and residences preserved almost intact. We must invest in this area, which has been declared and included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, to create a better future for the city itself and its inhabitants.

The Redzep Pasha Mosque was built by Suleiman the Magnificent in 1587-78 in honor of General Redzep Pasha, who participated in the siege of Rhodes in 1522. The pathology presented by the building is due to the aging of the materials, exposure to the weather, as well as contact with the debris and portable materials of the neighboring site.

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