The Great Green Wall: In one year, China planted 27 million hectares of forests and grasslands

A total of 26.3 million hectares, more than three times the area of ​​Crete forests lawns planted by Demon In the last 12 months, there has been an ambitious effort to stop the spread of the Gobi desert in the north of the country.

According to the state agency, a total of 56 planting programs have been launched from June 2023 as part of the creation of the Great Green Wall, a huge artificial forest that China has been building since 1978. Xinhua.

As of 2009, the world’s largest man-made forest in northern China exceeded 500,000 square kilometers, an area nearly four times the size of Greece.

Artificial forest and grassland in Heilongjiang province in July 2023 (Xinhua)

The construction of the Great Green Wall is not expected to be completed before 2050, but it is already showing results: the Gobi Desert, which grew by 10,000 square kilometers a year in the 1980s, is now shrinking by more than 2,000 square kilometers a year.

China is one of the most threatened countries desertification especially the areas known as the “three norths” in the north, northwest and northeast.

Green spaces act as windbreaks that stop sandstorms and protect soils from erosion.

The Great Green Wall, completed by mid-century, will have a total length of 4,800 kilometers.

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