Terra: innovative oncology research from the University of Trento

Part of the research team of the Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics laboratory of the CIBIO Department (Nicole Bettin, Glenda Grupelli, Julieta Rivosecchi, Emilio Cusanelli, Claudio Oss Pegorar)

Terra: one was so called specific RNA molecule appears to have diagnostic and prognostic significance in the complex mechanism of cellular activity at the onset of some tumors.

The study consists of ten researchers from the Department of Cellular, Computational and Integrative Biology.CIBIO) dell’University of TrentoIn collaboration with two colleagues from the University of Montreal.

To reach the published results, the study was carried out in the laboratory with human tumor cells in culture using a range of microscopy techniques, molecular biology and molecular genetics approaches. These methods also allowed Terra to be studied in living cells maintained in culture under stable and monitored environmental conditions.

“We intend to test whether tumor cells can be killed or made more sensitive to chemotherapy by interfering with their activity. These studies can lead to the identification of more precise and targeted treatments against cancer,” he explains. Emilio CusanelliHead of the Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics Laboratory at CIBIO.

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