Summer is under special control for Lake Iseo

This summer, Lake Iseo will be specially observed along with Lake Maggiore. The Lombardy Region has in fact signed a contract with the University of Milan-Bicocca’s Ecology and Inland Water Management team to map the two basins. The search for Sebino will also use the help of the Brescia provincial police.

Parameters related to temperature, algal nutrient concentration, chlorophyll and gas emissions will be measured at different points. The goal is to obtain updated and detailed scientific information that calibrates environmental policy choices.

This is an innovative project, as research activities in lakes are usually focused on single point monitoring. With the new mapping, researchers instead seek to improve understanding of the dynamics of various water quality parameters and the effects of spatial variability.

For the first time, data will be collected in high spatial detail, providing enormous insight into hitherto little-known processes, such as the ability of these systems to emit greenhouse gases. The data from the research will allow us to understand how lakes are changing as a result of anthropogenic and climatic pressures, and to find the most appropriate strategies to improve these ecosystems.

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