Strawberries: Benefits and the secret to keeping them fresh

Strawberries are a favorite fruit of young and old, and for good reason. This small red fruit with a unique taste transforms any dish, giving it a unique intensity and texture.

From a delicious dessert to a healthy salad or even on its own, strawberries steal the show. But what makes them unique is not only their taste, but also the many benefits they give us.

The benefits that strawberries give us

They reduce inflammation

Strawberries are rich in natural antioxidants, vitamin C and flavonoids.

In fact, according to research Antioxidants in strawberries reduce the risk of inflammation-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

They reduce the risk of heart disease

Our favorite fruit has high levels of heart-healthy anthocyanins.

Studies show that eating them can protect our cardiovascular system and keep blood pressure and cholesterol levels at healthy levels.

They keep our brain healthy

Thanks to its antioxidant polyphenols, strawberries help maintain cognitive function as you age, improve brain health, and support mental acuity.

According to one study their chronic consumption appears to be associated with a slower decline in cognitive function that naturally occurs with age.

They help digestion

Plant fibers are necessary for good digestion.

Strawberries are high in fiber and thus work against constipation and offer our intestines a variety of bacteria that it needs to function.

They help control blood sugar

According to research Strawberries appear to improve insulin resistance.

Their high fiber content also helps slow down the absorption of sugar, making them a great choice for regulating blood sugar levels.

They also have a low glycemic index, so they do not raise blood sugar levels.

How to keep them fresh longer

As much as we love and enjoy them, strawberries are hard to keep fresh, hopefully ending up in the compost bin.

But there is a way to clean your strawberries, helping them stay fresh longer. All you need is a bowl, hot water and a towel.

Place your strawberries in a bowl and add water at about 50°C for 30 seconds. This temperature is not hot enough to harm the strawberries, but is ideal for keeping them fresh.

After 30 seconds of soaking them in water, drain them well with a towel or kitchen paper.

To give them a longer life, it is important to leave them in a container where they can breathe.

But if they start to lose their freshness, you can replace them beauty masks or to someone delicious dessert!

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