Spain: 2023 second warmest year on record after 2022

The 2023 it was for him Spain the second warmest year on record (since records are kept) shortly after 2022, the National Meteorological Service (Aemet) announced today.

The average annual temperature reached their 2023 15.2 degrees Celsius (1.2 degrees above normal), 44 days of absolute heat records were recorded during this year. Ruben del CampoAn Aemet representative during a press conference to present the annual climate report service.

He said 2022 is “the second warmest year in a row” since records were taken in 1961. “1.2 degrees above normal may seem a little bit, but (…) for the whole year it is very, very much,” he said. In 2022, the average annual temperature exceeded 15 degrees Celsius for the first time and reached 15.5. “The average temperature in Spain has increased by more than 1.5 degrees Celsius since 1961,” Aemet said, and the warmest decade in a row was recorded in the 21st century. De Campo emphasized the “fundamental” role that “greenhouse gas emissions” play in global warming.

The 2024 The same trend seems to be taking place: January this year was Spain’s hottest month on record, with an average temperature of 8.4 degrees Celsius on the mainland. In some areas, the temperature even reached 30 degrees Celsius during the unprecedented heat wave, which Aemet described as an “anomaly”.

Although accustomed to high temperatures, Spain is experiencing increasingly frequent and frequent episodes of extreme heat outside of summer, which worries scientists.

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