“Silent” symptoms that betray its presence

What a mental health professional says. What are the symptoms that go unnoticed for a long time?

There are many signs of stress and some are so invisible that we are easily distracted. However, recognizing them is important for maintaining mental health, says an expert from the US.

The obvious signs of stress are well known. We’ve all felt irritable and impatient or irritable and angry when we’re stressed. It is not easy to hide these symptoms from others for a long time, says Mr Dr. Asim Shah, Professor of Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine, Texas.

“Sooner or later, relatives, friends and colleagues will find out,” he explains. “In contrast, its less pronounced symptoms can take months to notice.”

Although a little stress in daily life is necessary as it acts as a driving force, severe stress is harmful. That’s why it’s important to be aware of its “silent” symptoms.

Even the patients themselves do not always associate these symptoms with the anxiety they feel. But when they intensify over time or they start interfere with daily life, is an indicator Dr. emphasizing that you need the help of a mental health specialist. Shah.

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But what are these silent symptoms? One of the most characteristic sufferers lose interest in things they once enjoyed. So they stop doing it.

These things can suddenly make them anxious, nervous or scared. They stop because they feel they can’t take it anymore. Silent stress sufferers can also be:

  • Start experiencing changes in body weight (weight loss or weight loss)
  • To suddenly start biting his nails
  • Unconsciously begin to pull their hair
  • More moaning than usual

If you have these symptoms, try to release your emotions. Dr. Shah recommends walking briskly for a few hours a day or doing your favorite sport. It is also good to do breathing exercises. Also try to spend quality time with your family and friends.

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