Protein breakfast: 6 foods you should include in your breakfast

Breakfast is essential for an energetic daily life. It’s a way to start our day with something we enjoy and get excited about, but it’s also critical to our health. It’s getting better it boosts our energy levels, our concentration, and helps maintain concentration at the same time healthy body weight, decreasing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. So, while breakfast is important, a protein breakfast is equally important.

Since this macronutrient makes up most of our cells, organs and muscles, it is important to have it in the first meal of the day. The amount of protein we store is constantly changing, so it’s best to spread your protein intake throughout the day to meet your body’s needs.

Protein also promotes it feeling full therefore, it is important to take it early in the day so that we are not hungry throughout.

If you’re not sure where to get your protein for breakfast, let’s look at some ideas!

Protein breakfast foods


A spoonful of yogurt gives our body about 20 grams. protein, a generous dose for our breakfast!

Also yogurt is full probiotics supports a healthy gut microbiome, strengthens the immune system, and reduces systemic inflammation and chronic disease risk.

cottage cheese

Cottage cheese has gained a lot of popularity recently, starring in many savory and sweet recipes on social media, and thanks to its high protein content, it contains about 25 grams. according to the cash register.

Of course, apart from protein, cottage cheese also contains other important trace elements and vitamins such as potassium, calcium and vitamin B12.

You can enjoy cottage cheese in an omlete, or you can even make a protein-packed Arabic pie alternative that you can mix together with eggs in a blender, spread on a baking sheet, bake for a few minutes in the oven, and fill up. with vegetables and avocado.

If your taste buds are looking for a sweet breakfast, consider combining cottage cheese with fruit and honey.


It is a complete protein source food because it contains all nine essential amino acids that our body cannot produce on its own. Each egg contains about 6 grams. protein.

Enjoy them in a hearty omelet or tortilla!


Whether you’ve chosen a vegan diet or enjoy one, tofu is an ideal choice for protein in your breakfast.

Half a cup of tofu, which is about 126 g. Contains 22 g. protein. Tofu will also provide heart-healthy unsaturated fatty acids.

You can put it in a little pie or use it as a base for smoothies.


By choosing to eat salmon, you are giving yourself not only plenty of protein, but also omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and other nutrients that support our health.

Omega-3 fatty acids improve along with heart health by reducing inflammation in the body cholesterol.

Salmon is a perfect breakfast option when paired with cream cheese and toast, as well as an addition to omelets.

Ground turkey

We associate turkey with our lunch or dinner, but it can actually be used as a meat substitute in any recipe.

Consumption of 110 g. turkey, you consume about 20 g. protein. It also gives your body a powerful dose of essential nutrients like vitamins, zinc and selenium.

When preparing your breakfast, remember to combine your protein source with foods that will provide carbohydrates and good fats to get all the macronutrients you need and keep you fuller for longer.

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