Plums: A protective shield for bones, scientists say

If you still think that only milk can keep your bones strong during puberty, you are wrong. A daily serving of prunes helps slow the loss of bone mass, reducing the risk of osteoporosis, according to a new study. Specifically, the study reports that nutrients in plums affect factors associated with fracture susceptibility.

Bones have the ability to continuously rebuild with the help of bone cells. Unfortunately, this process slows down over time. For this reason, both the elderly and postmenopausal women often experience bone loss when estrogen, which plays a critical role in bone health, is weakened. The long-term effect we are trying to avoid is osteoporosis. At this stage, the bones are weaker and less dense, so they are prone to damage.

Since there is still no cure for osteoporosis, it is only important to prevent and strengthen our bones through medication and supplements and diet. The good news is that plums, which help our bones, are very affordable and delicious. Plum’s contribution good bone health appears to be due to polyphenols which weakens the inflammations that are also responsible for the decrease in bone mass.


The scientists in charge created an experiment that they were always in control of. 235 postmenopausal women participated there. The participants were divided into three groups. In the first group, they did not eat plums. In the second, they ate 50 grams (four-six plums per day), and in the third, 100 grams (10-12 plums per day). Every six months, the women underwent a CT scan to measure bone density and check bone geometry and strength.

What the findings showed about plums

After a year The study was published in the journal Osteoporosis International, it was found that women who did not eat plums had lower bone density, as well as lower shin bone strength. On the other hand, those who ate prunes daily had improved overall bone health. Specifically, women who consumed at least four to six prunes per day maintained better bone density, strength, and bone structure. Finally, women who ate 100 grams of prunes were more likely to get bored along the way and stop using them.

So maybe four to six prunes a day, osteoporosis is over; More research is definitely needed, but until then, why not give your bones the boost they deserve? You can combine plums with your yogurt and salads, just as a snack with nuts, or in delicious cakes or with meat. Let your imagination run free, depending on what your taste palette calls for.

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