The performance “Ki no….handier(p)tera” took place in the crowded Municipal Art Gallery of Larisa (photo)

On the evening of Saturday, June 1, in the full Municipal Gallery of Larisa-Museum GI Katsigra, the theater group of Larisa Primary School of Education Maria Kitra’s play “And not… accessible(s)” was shown. In “The 13th Call”.

The performance enthralled the audience and at the end the actor-educators were greeted with applause.

Tula wants to marry her son to find peace. His son is a poet and does not care about marriage. Ypsipyli comes to rent the attic above their house. Tula’s mother, Kelly, has a young son named Akis. Akis loves cars, but owes alimony to his ex-wife.

His ex-wife takes her brother Kotsos, a police officer, and goes to find her! Mr. Harris comes from Castellorizo ​​to marry Mrs. Toula, but meets her platonic love. The daughters of Tula come with their friend Pavlos from Athens to open an uzori, thus abandoning their school! How will they cope with all of them in one house, in one day?

Actors played in order of appearance:

Sfortsas Telemachos (Stephanos)

Golden Victory (Tula)

Karaferia Maria (Ypsipyli)

Budina Eva (Life)

Kosmas Christina (Ioanna)

Alexandros Kiropoulos (Paul)

Ameriadou Irene (Kelly)

Katsampelas Yiannis (Akis)

Derkou Jenny (Maria)

Asterinos Sakis (Kotsos)

Sarkhoz Christos (Haris)

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