Patras: “Ichthyoskala” at “Echindavelonis” Cultural Center

The Chariot of Thespids of the Municipal Regional Theater of Patras presents the Ekhindaveloni of Konstantinos Oikonomos, one of the most important works of the modern Greek Enlightenment. The play was written in 1816 and is a Greek adaptation of Moliere’s Philargiros and focuses on the social problems of his time. occupies a special place in modern Greek drama.

The premiere of the project will be on Friday, May 24, 2024 at 21:30 at the “Ikhtiyoskala” Cultural Center, admission will be free. This will be followed by a tour of the wider region of South West Greece in collaboration with PED.


In Smyrna in the 19th century, Echindavelonis is considered the richest and also the most cruel miser in the region. Although he has great wealth, his children and servants live in extreme poverty.

But his servant, tormented by his inhuman greed, decides to take revenge on him. With the unlikely alliance of his son, Ehindaveloni, he hatches a dark plan that will give justice to his ruthless greed and thwart the plans of his savage greed.

In the play, Echindavelonis represents the primal greed and selfishness that characterizes the people of every era. It is an intelligent satire that particularly criticizes the society of its time and highlights the need for social justice. Using the language of comedy theater, the play challenges the audience to reflect on the values ​​and practices of their society in order to move towards a better and more humane future.

Cast Members:

Director: Christos Strepkos

Costumes: Kenny McLellan

Kinesiology: Camilo Bentancor

Lighting design: Christos Strepkos

Photographer: Vassilis Zaverdas

Videographer: Konstantinos Liopetas

Actors play:

Vassilis Kokkalis, Alexandros Koukias, Aliki Oikonomopoulou, Valia Tsitzikakis, Vassilis Tsorlalis.


Konstantinos Oikonomou translated ancient tragedies, organized theater productions at the Smyrna school, and published Echindaveloni, an adaptation of Moliere’s Filargiros to the contemporary social life of Smyrna.


First performance: Friday, May 24, 2024. The tour of Southwest Greece will continue.

Free entry.

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