Patras: A polyphonic party on the steps of Patreos Street

The Panepirotic Association of Patras and its polyphonic group “Lalousin Polyphonic” offered the audience of Patras a special night of polyphonic singing in a street art event in the background of Patras, which took place on the steps of Patreos on Wednesday 29 May 2024. Street.

The president of the Haidas Association, Alexandros, said in his brief greeting: “We are especially proud that polyphonic singing in Patras has been associated with Panepirotikos for the past thirteen years with the quality events of Panepirotikos. In addition, we can now say that the Panepirotic Association of Patras has established the celebration of the world polyphonic singing day, which is celebrated annually on May 14 in Patras, through polyphonic.”

Those lucky enough to attend this open event were impressed by the generosity and rigor of this unique song type, its emotional dynamics and specific structure, as well as the value of collective discipline alongside the importance of improvisation. The members of the polyphonic band and their teacher enjoyed songs celebrating spring, love, the history of Epirus, as well as hospitality.

The members of the polyphonic company Lalousin Polyphonica of Panepirotiko were: Christos Delimaris / Yiannis Zarkadis / Eleni Thomas / Manto Katsiu / Manolis Maglaras / Electra Milioni / Eleni Smyrnioti / Kostas Tsiris / Areti Migou (teaching).

Panepirotikos would like to thank Mr. D. Plessas, Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayor for Executive, Municipal Affairs, Finance, and the staff of the Municipal Sanitation Department for their immediate response to the issuance of the appropriate permit to occupy the space. Patreon and Thesprotos-Giromeriatis, Kostas Xiouras for cleaning the stairs, Eleftheria Stergiopoulou and Radio C for radio support, Lefteris Tsolkas and Fofo Tsolkas for the offer of Epirotian tsipouro, Betsu Sotiroula for the local Liquor, Manto Katsiu for the offer of all coincidences, the Board of Directors for his systematic work and especially Hormovitis Athanasia as well as all those who honored and honored the efforts of our polyphonic scheme (photo Alexis Glavas, Sattos Kostas) with their participation.

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