PATRA: Summer theater workshops begin

Theater Workshop of DI.PE.THE. Patras hosts summer theater workshops for all ages in July! The goal is theatrical training in condensed movements and specific topics.


Preschool age

3-5 years: Every Thursday 19.15-20.30

4-6 years: Every Tuesday and every Thursday 17.30-18.45.

I can do the impossible!

A workshop inspired by the fairy tales of ¨ The sun that wants to eat ice cream ¨ and ¨ The ladder of love ¨. we will travel with body and mind, learning a lot about ourselves and those around us. We interact and find our rhythm through purposeful movements and materials, imagination, thought, emotions and play. We create dynamic images and discover ways to make our biggest and craziest dreams… come true! We will learn, bond, express, build…but most of all, have fun!!!

Primary school children 6-9 and 9-12 years old

6-9 years: Every Wednesday 17.30-19.00.

9-12 years: Every Tuesday 19.15-20.45.

fantasy are you here?

Is it my fantasy? Can I see, hear, smell, or do anything else conditionally?

In this workshop we will explore many different ways of seeing things through the “myth” function. Based on the original myth, we will play, explore the role and try different stories. Our materials will be role-plays, improvisations, dramatizations, and our end product will be a highly entertaining and… creative process of discovering ourselves and the world around us!

High school juniors

Every Monday: 17.00-19.00.

What role do I play? Unspoken words…

The workshop focused on ¨role¨ and its function as an opportunity for the roles we play every day. What new experiences do they give us? Are they harboring unacknowledged fears or expectations? What is the interpretation of words that dare not speak? Adolescence is a period of physical and mental transformation in one way or another. What are the roles in these changes?

Starting with games, improvisations, texts and roles, we will interact, express ourselves, discover aspects of ourselves and face our multiple roles with the desire to understand and accept them!

The program is intended for all teenagers who want to communicate and get to know themselves better through the magical world of theater.

Adults (Location: EOT Beach)

Department 1: Every Monday 19.45-22.15

Section 2: Every Wednesday 19.45-22.15.

Vita– A month of joy!

In this workshop we celebrate the gift of life! Games, improvisation, creative writing and self-observation bring us closer to our inner child. What they live, feel and express with authenticity. July is the month of joy, it fills us with energy and fills the whole year. The wonder of the group will lead us to paths of joy. Magical and high energy! The program is addressed to all citizens who want to activate sources of joy through the group, regardless of age and previous experience.

They are happy

Preschool and Primary education departments: Nikolay Tsichlas– Actor

Junior and adult departments: Yuli Dubu– Theater critic MA

Collaborates with: Dimitra Manzana– MA Psychologist

Declaration of Participation: 2614 014979, 693 231 1567 (Afternoon)

Favierou 43, Patra. www.was destroyed.Gr

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