Parthenon statues: “Elgin was a liar and a thief, he didn’t have a license,” says Victoria Hislop

What the famous writer and committee member said about the statues in an interview with ERT today

Parthenon statues: Author and Parthenon sculpture commission member Victoria Hislop expressed optimism about the outcome of the Hellenic State’s multi-year bid to reunite the Marbles because, she predicted, something would now happen. change because the public knows that Elgin is both a thief and a liar.

Victoria Hislop, speaking on ERT today in particular, said: “The truth is that the British Museum never said they owned the farm, they have an unofficial letter in Italian and no Sultan’s seal.”.

He also said in his interview:I think something will change because now the public knows that maybe Elgin was not only a thief but a liar. Because we never found the official permission that Elgin said he received from the Sultan”.

He also noted that “This is an opportunity for the British Museum to say ‘yes, we need to look at the situation a bit differently’. “If we don’t have a firman or official permission from the Sultan, we can change our mind.””.

Among other things, Victoria Hislop referred to the new director of the British Museum and the new government that will be formed in Great Britain after the July 4 election.

Finally, as he said:But it is very important to hear the truth from Mrs. Bose, and now we know that the British Museum cannot say that it is an official document.(…) TThey say it’s not an hour after Turkey, and so do all of us who read a lot about Elgin. Yes, he was not a good man who did things the way they were. He said “yes, I have permission, I will take the statues.” He was never allowed to do that”.

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