On July 5, the Epidaurus festival opens its doors

With 93 performances in 85 days and with the participation of about two and a half thousand performers and creators from all over the world Epidaurus Festival 2024 -which causes great interest of the theater-loving audience every year- opens the curtain July 5 With “Iphigenia en Avlidi”, with an elite troupe, directed by Timofey Kulyabin. The historical event will end August 24 with “Iketides”.Joint production of Art and Neo Kosmos theaters.

Information about the program on the website: aefestival.gr


  • THE Iphigenia in Avlidis will be a world premiere Epidaurus. Exclusively for the Argolic theater, this long-awaited production once again creatively unites a foreign director with the Greek stage, reinforcing the international character of the Festival and the spirit of extroversion that has been consciously maintained in recent years. Translation Pantelis Bukalas • Director Timofey Kuliabin • Playwright Roman Dolzhansky
  • July 12 and 13: Aeschylus’ Oresteia

Translation Eleni Varopoulou • Director – Dramatic editing Theodoros Terzopoulos • Assistant director Savvas Stroumpos • Scenes – Costumes – Lighting Theodoros Terzopoulos • Original music composition Panagiotis Velianitis

  • July 19 and 20: The Wealth of Aristophanes

as Khremilos, Manos Vakousis, was recently awarded the Grand Prize of the Karolos Koon Theater. Alexandra Palaiologou participates in the troupe. They participate in the musical part of the play Hatzifrageta and Nalyssa Green. A professor of history at the University of Athens appears in the Disruption project Maria Eftimiou.

Text translation/rendering – Directing Yannis Kakleas • Stages Manolis Pantelidakisetc. • Suits Helen is a doula • Music Vaios Prapas • Choreography Stefania Sotiropoulou

  • Not Hecuba

Leading troupe after the winning reception of Electra / Orestes directed by Ivo van Hove in 2019 Comedy Française He comes to Epidaurus again, this time in collaboration with the much-discussed Portuguese director Thiago RodriguezThe new director of the Avignon Festival.

In his first collaboration with the Comédie Française troupe, Thiago Rodríguez tackles the story of Hecabe.

The show will be presented in Epidaurus immediately after its premiere at the Avignon Festival in July.

Text – Direction Thiago Rodrigues • French translation Thomas Resendez • Scenography Fernando Ribeiro • Suits Jose Antonio Lt

  • August 2 and 3 NATIONAL THEATER – THANOS PAPAKONSTANTINU/ Euripides’ Bacchus

Translation Giorgos Heimonas • Direction Thanos Papakonstantinou • Dramatic treatment Ioanna Remediki • Scenery – Costumes Niki Psihoghiou • Original music Dimitris Skyllas • Choreography Nanti Gogol

  • August 9 and 10: Aristophanes’ chickens/ Translation Tassos Roussos • Direction Aris Biniaris • Dramatic treatment – ​​Adaptation Elena Triantafyllopoulou – Aris Biniaris • Scenery – Costumes Paris Mexis • Music composition Alexandros Drakos Ktistakis • Kinesiology Alexandros Vardakhoglu
  • August 23 and 24: Art Theater – NEW WORLD THEATER – MARIANNA KALBARI
  • Aeschylus’ Iketides

Sixty years after the first presentation of the play in Epidaurus, the Karolos Koun Art Theater and the New World Theater Iketids of Aeschylusdirector Marianna Kalbari: a poetic as well as deeply political piece at the heart of modern thinking about the concept of asylum in a democratic society – especially when women are in the shoes of the persecuted. The show combines the voices of ancient heroes with the voices of today through the moving Dance of fifty young girls from the chorus. Worksthe Drama School of the Art Theater and “Still moving” dance-acrobatic group.

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