Nuts: 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Overeat

Nuts have been linked to many health benefits, and they’re delicious, too. Nuts are full of protein, fiber, good fats, minerals and antioxidants. They are an ideal snack during the day and before training. They will satiate you, fill you with energy, and at the same time contribute to your longevity. Eating nuts often strengthens your heart, lowers bad cholesterol and improves your memory. You can combine them with salty and sweet foods, but do not overdo it, as side effects may occur.

Remember that a handful of nuts is enough. After that, consumption will be inflated. Let’s consider possible negative effects in detail:

1 Many nuts are fattening

Although it is filled with nuts, they have a lot of calories. This means that if you exceed the recommended amount in a steady stream of days, you can gain extra pounds. If you feel that you are not satisfied with one meal, you can add some nuts to the salad.

2 They can cause gastrointestinal problems

Eating too many nuts can cause heartburn. The vegetable salts and tannins in its composition are considered indigestible, and the oils, although healthy, can cause diarrhea.

May 3 rarely causes poisoning or allergies

Even if you don’t have a nut allergy, if you are considered allergic, it’s best to control the amounts you consume, as excessive amounts of nuts can cause some sensitivity and even allergic reactions. For example, Brazil nuts contain selenium, which requires care to avoid poisoning. At this time, your nails may become weak or you may experience joint pain.

All you have to do is track the number of nuts you eat daily. If you do not have relevant allergies, consult a nutritionist and formulate your small daily portions. So you won’t face any problems but you will get benefits the many benefits of nuts for the health of your body.

Combine nuts with yogurt along with fruit and a little honey. In the afternoon, you can eat them straight or enrich your salad. If you’re creative, experiment with delicious and healthy vegan energy bars with nuts that will keep you full and happy.

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