“Nard” by Dimitris Kehaidis on tour in Athens and Thessaloniki

The leading duo of the play is Alexandros Rigas and Antonis Krobas

Historical performance “Backgammon» his Dimitris Kehaidis one of the most important Greek dramatists of the post-war period, is presented on tour in Athens and Thessaloniki under the direction of . Alexandru Rigas.

backgammon, In 1972, in the midst of the dictatorship, it was written and presented at the Art Theater directed by him. Carlo Cone and has been one of the cornerstone works of Greek drama ever since. A ground-breaking work with extraordinary satire and wit, counting many ups and downs and great hits.

The author’s realistic writing finds and reflects the core of the modern Greek language. His condition, his dreams, his capacity, but also his immorality. His unethical morals, money and an innate, we can say, desire to escape from a dead end, he is ready to sacrifice everything – materially as well as socially. Relationships, people, logic, ethics and love. Even the much-vaunted Greek philotimos becomes a white flag of surrender at the dice.

His modern Greek heroes Dimitris Kehaidis, but they don’t cheat life. They deceive themselves, they hold mirrors playing doors, tiles, windows. To show us not who we are, but who we shouldn’t be.

Backgammon, is a brilliantly plotted and devilishly paced game. He has a strong, specific, sarcastic and cynical sense of humor. He is one
a penetrating look at the human comedy hidden in minor tragedies.

With a strong folk element, the heroes of the work are the “lamoya” who magically create a feeling of sympathy in the post-war “lumpen” environment. The bitter truths presented by the author turn into sweet smiles on the lips of the audience.

Two words about the case:

Fondas (Antonis Crombas) and Kolias (Alexandros Rigas), two friends and brothers-in-law, wake up from their afternoon siesta and follow their ritual: coffee, champion backgammon, and the search for a job that will make them rich and important.
An unemployed visionary of easy money, Fontas constantly generates ideas ready to be cashed. Kolias, a lottery salesman with a history of resistance – or so he says – resists easy ideas. Until Fontas convinces him of the great moments ahead.

The two characters are original, popular and completely recognizable. They tolerate and exploit each other.
The tone of the voice rises during the conversation. Social types come out and speak up and tell the truth. Painful and disturbing truths. Soon, they cancel each other out and proceed to “madly” plan to travel abroad and exploit people and needs. With the common denominator of illusion, they aim to be great people, but are on their way to being no monster at all.

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