Maria Karlaki: My child’s father didn’t know him, he wasn’t there from the beginning

“She yelled at me because the sites didn’t list her name”

THE Maria Karlaki spoke on the show “Super Katerina» for the baptism of his son Raphael-Mina in Lesbos. The singer explained, among other things, that the child’s father was not involved in the Secret, but also generally stayed away from their lives. According to him, he did not even recognize his son.

«My child’s father was absent from the beginning I just didn’t want to talk and said everything was fine. Now I can’t hide anything, and I can’t take another part in my effort to make things all right. He came when he was born, I tried to be sweet to himMaria Karlaki declared first.

Then to reveal: “He does not know the child yet, my son has a surname. I have no problem with doing a DNA test, but when it comes to identification, there are liabilities. Since none of his liabilities have been paid, I understand that he doesn’t want to exist as a liability“.

The father of Maria Karlaki’s child has cut off all contact

«I have everything written down. We contacted the father of my child until January and his parents and I had invited them to the baptism and no one came. He teased me that someday he would recognize it, hoping that time would pass and I would forget. But at one point I said, “Thank you very much, I won’t continue.” From the moment a child is born and there is no place, I will not even beg himMaria Karlaki told the live connection at a different point.

To conclude:The birth happened at the last moment because the cameras arrived, and immediately left. Two days later she yelled at me because the sites didn’t list her name. What will the city say… But since he did not come to the baptism, I can also speak“.

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