MALU comes to Kato Achaia Beach – “Cultural Summer 2024”

Pop singer I was ashamed comes Monday, June 24 on the beach Below AchaiaInitiated by the Western Greek Region and Municipality West Achaia.

Pop singer MALU will be welcomed by Western Achaia on Monday, June 24 at 21:30 at the Kato Achaia beach, jointly organized by the Western Greek Region and the Municipality of Western Achaia.

Since the concert is part of the Municipality’s “Cultural Summer 2024” program of events, the entrance to the public is free.

“We want people to come to the beautiful beach of Kato Achaia, have a good time and have fun with their loved ones. The big “stake” for the Municipal Administration is to ensure that every family can have fun and connect with art and culture.

We are preparing remarkable events and many surprises for the public,” said the mayor of West Achaia Gregory Alexopoulos.

The preparations for the concert were undertaken by the deputy head of culture Nadia Askounis He emphasized that the evening would be special and that we would all be in a great company, followed by a “rich” cultural summer

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