Konstantinos Beta in the Palace Garden

Konstantinos Beta will be at Kipos tou Megaros on Friday 14th June at 21:00 to show us his electronic landscapes – full of house, disco and trip-hop and seduce us through the streets with his music.

Konstantinos Beta comes to us this summer with new and old favorites from his entire discography. His electronic landscapes filled with house, disco and trip-hop become the paths his songs take.

After a hiatus in the summer of 2023 for the Stereo Nova concert and the maxi single “Irida”, he returns after a long time with a new album and new songs. An album that suggests the need for change and skepticism. K. Beta identifies alternative options for love, freedom, and self-care. Modern life shaped by digital reality and the willingness to compromise or self-awareness at other times.

Konstantinos Beta invites his listeners and shows with his music that he is never complacent…despite his lost love songs. Despite the lack of convenient solutions, from the rapidly changing designs around us, it comes optimistically with its own unique style of expression.

Co-produced by: Athens Concert Hall and Menta Art Events

Events in the palace garden take place on the lawn every summer. Spectators may bring a pillow or throw.

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