KAPI’s theater performance at Ichthyoskala

“Theatrokamomata, the time the hems”, satirical poem was performed on the occasion of the completion of 10 years of activity of the KAPI theater group of Patreon Municipality Public Organization (KODIP). On Tuesday, June 25, more resonant and understandable for everyone in the beautiful and welcoming area of ​​Ichthyoskala.

Remembering their wonderful journey, 19 members of the theater group, who appeared on stage, first referred to their five successful plays: “And then I grew up”, “One more meeting”, “We start, we go far”, “Trash people” and “Evergreen loves”. Then they talked about their works, behind-the-scenes scenes, and about their training. They turned to the teachers who helped them in this artistic journey and finally emotionally explained what they felt and lived through the years in this group.

This particular theater group offered the best, the ultimate goal being the satisfaction and joy that creation brings.

Such actions involving groups of our senior citizens are an example of culture and recognition of their contribution to the wider social development of our city.

Special mention should be made of the employees of the Third Age Department, who provided assistance with all their resources, as well as the employees working in the relevant services of KODIP. Sincere thanks to the Vice Mayor for Culture for taking the time to organize the theater event and for perfect cooperation.

At the theater event, among others, the President and Vice-President of KODIP, Theodore Toulgaridis and Nancy Angelakopoulou.

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