Jude Law: Flirting and dressing up as Superman

Jude Law announced that he was offered the role of Superman.

“I tried on the suit, looked in the mirror and at first I thought it could be done and it would be nice. But immediately after that, I said to myself, “No, you can’t do that, you can’t do it.” The reason for Jude Law, who flirted with the idea of ​​becoming Superman a few years ago for the needs of a movie that was never made.

Back in 2002, he accepted the famous British actor Brett Ratner’s offer to play the role of Superman in the movie “Flyby”.. “I don’t think there is a script for the film yet, I don’t remember reading it. They brought me a Superman suit to try on because they obviously thought they’d convince me that way,” Law said on The Playlist’s Discourse podcast. “Finally, I didn’t give up and gave up on this idea. The film didn’t go ahead anyway,” he added.

The film was finally released in 2006 as Superman Returns. Directed by Bryan Singer, Brandon Routh played the role of the beloved superhero. Its box office performance was relatively satisfactory with $391.1 million worldwide, making it the sixth best performer in the US and ninth worldwide in 2006.

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