In the last part of the Archaeological Museum of Argostoli

In the last part of the Archaeological Museum of Argostoli – Topographic documents were also signed

Today, the head of the Ephorate – as the head of the operational body of the new Museum (the Ephorate of Antiquities) signed the topographical documents related to the reconstruction project of the Archaeological Museum of Argostoli in the context of issuing the required permits.

In coordination with the Central Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DMEEMPK) and the YMCA of Argostoli, the procedures are proceeding rapidly.

The Archaeological Museum of Argostoli was and remains a priority of the Service. The procedures started jointly with DMEEMPK in 2020 are almost completed.

At the same time, the Ephorate continues to prepare the Museological and Museological Research for the new Exhibition (within the project funded by TAA) and continues to implement a number of projects: Islands in the Ionian PEP, in the context of PDE – EPA, Antonis Tritsis Program, Ministry of Rural Development.

Important excavations and interdisciplinary programs are ongoing (in Sami, the Archaeological Program of Kefalonia and the Archaeological Program of Paliki), the demands of administrative daily life are constantly increasing.

Soon there will be updates on both excavations and new projects of Ephorate.

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