How important love is to our life

What if someone told you that whether or not you’re single depends on your romantic intelligence?

Some will be surprised, while others may see this as an opportunity to improve themselves in their search for a partner through observations of their own love IQ.

Imagine yourself alone or alone at a party. Your attention is focused on someone standing next to you.

As you approached the bar for a drink, you decided within seconds whether or not you were interested in this person.

And on what basis did you make this decision? Does appearance matter? Personality? His behavior? Or something else;

Most people’s decisions are made subconsciously or consciously based on appearance. Attraction from him is especially important during the dating period, for the beginning and the first steps of a relationship.

But we want to believe that there is something deeper than outward appearance that attracts us to someone. At a subconscious level, appearance can be so important to us that we tend to attribute the qualities we want to someone we like.

What is the halo effect?

The phenomenon that attractive people have more positive or desirable social characteristics than unattractive people is called the halo effect.

Psychologists at the University of Westminster in London claim that the secret to long-lasting relationships is “not seeing reality corrupted by love.”

According to experts, the secret to a good and happy marriage is that both are convinced that their partner is more attractive than they are.

“When someone falls in love, they idealize their personality. He sees her as more attractive and attractive than she actually is,” Dr Viren Swami told MailOnline.

Scientists believe that people feel more beautiful when they believe they are with someone incredibly attractive. They are happy and their self-confidence is growing. If you’re not idealizing your partner, then there’s probably…something wrong, experts say.

Love the IQ and closeness

Another major factor affecting love intelligence is intimacy, which affects both men and women equally. We’ve all seen how easily some people get attached in a short time…

We meet people we think have known each other for months or years, only to find out they met just minutes or days ago…

But there are people who need months or years to get to know another person, open up to a conversation, learn details about their life, exchange ideas, become friends or lovers.

The development of intimacy is related to communication issues, which are related to the high self-esteem and confidence elements of each individual.

The art of flirting is … the mental ability to flirt

Another factor that interferes with love relationships is the long-known art of flirting, which has resurfaced with the concept of love intelligence. Is there intelligence in flirting?

The mental capacity for flirting, as well as romantic competition, are important criteria that characterize the level of romantic intelligence and operate in our efforts to create, maintain, connect, and end romantic relationships.

Can we develop or improve our love intelligence? The answer is definitely yes, if we decide to try! First, we need to identify our weak points. Self-confident; lack of intimacy? Do you have trouble presenting yourself as a romantic partner? Maybe none of these are true, we’re just not in the right and safe environment to seek meaningful companionship!

Tonia Gerakaris

Relationship Counselor

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