Hospital Administrators: The deadline for filing objections has expired

A large number of Hospital Administrators have “failed” the ASEP examinations for re-employment in the positions they served.

One of two active public hospital administrators has “failed” the ASEP exams for re-employment in the National Health Service.

Only 1277 people applied for 173 positionsof these 21 For governors and deputy governors of the Ministry of Health (Health Regions), and the rest for the management of public hospitals. According to reports, many commanders who had already served applied again, but 55% he was able to pass the exams among them.

Under the new system, candidates took the exam through ASEP, where they had to answer skill tests. After the publication of the final results, the first successful candidates will be interviewed to select the three candidates. Then, according to the established procedure, the competent minister will decide which of the three will hold the position.

Candidates can apply from 08:00 on Friday 14 June 2024 to 14:00 on Tuesday 19 June 2024 exclusively through the ASEP website

It is estimated that the recruitment process for new HIE administrators will be completed by the end of July, followed by the selection and placement of hospital administrators.

Commanders: Top 15 successful candidates for HSE

Meanwhile, the top 15 successful candidates for the post of Health Region Governors and Deputy Governors (HRE), candidates who will undergo personal interview in the next round, have been published in the previous ASEP written exam result tables. days.

Unlike the Hospital Governors, 5 of the current 7 HSE Governors are shortlisted for further testing. These are the commanders of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 7th Ministry of Defense (Roilos, Boyatzidis, Tsalikakis, Seretis and Papavasiliou).

The tables show the written exam results of all the candidates, the excluded candidates, the candidates who met the required requirements and their marks.

As for the final lists of deputy commander candidates who will go to the interview stage, they include 14 people – two deputy commanders for each HSE, and the evaluation will be carried out simultaneously.

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