Helpful tips and precautions to keep you safe

If a heat wave is forecast at your destination, check the guidelines issued by the official authorities before starting your trip

And this summer is predicted to be hot. The heat wave is already affecting many regions of Europe and the United States in waves – even long-term – and of course our country as well.

Sweltering conditions on hot summer days can affect millions of travelers and ruin their vacations.

Therefore, it is worth remembering some useful tips.

Check the assignments issued by relevant ministries and other official bodies

If a heat wave is forecast at your destination, check the guidelines issued by official agencies to better plan and take precautions for your trip and activities before you start your trip.

Also check the latest updates on the tourist attractions you want to visit, as their opening hours change or they close when the temperature is too high.

Don’t quit when the heat is at its peak

It may seem obvious, but being outdoors for long periods of time at the peak of the sun can cause fatigue and other more serious problems.

Also, if you like walking, avoid it during lunch hours. On June 5 Dr. Michael Mosley died during an afternoon walk In Simi. Four more tourists died recently in Greece due to rising temperatures. Go for an early morning walk. Always follow official routes.

It is also advisable to go on a tour with a certified local guide and never alone.

Some European cities, including Paris and London, do not have air conditioning, so check for air conditioning before booking a hotel, restaurant or transport to ensure you have a cool place to escape the heat. Visiting a museum or other indoor attractions is another good option, but be aware that it can get very crowded during peak times.

Stay hydrated and take a lunch break

Dehydration and heat stroke are the most common causes of hospitalization during heat waves and can be prevented by staying hydrated and limiting alcohol consumption.

Eat foods like cantaloupe, cucumber, and celery with meals, which can help you stay hydrated throughout the day.

Always carry a bottle of water and an umbrella (umbrella) and portable fan when outdoors.

The heat can have a negative effect on your stamina, so it’s a good idea to take a break for a short nap in the afternoon.

Wear cool clothes

It is better to wear light, loose, light colored clothes as they reflect heat and solar radiation. Also wear a hat and sunscreen to protect your face and scalp from harmful UV rays.

Also, remember that just because the weather is warm doesn’t mean it won’t rain. Heat waves can bring showers, so be prepared.

Finally, plan a flexible trip. Be sure to plan your vacation so that you can change your schedule during a heat wave. Most importantly, enjoy your trip and be safe. So, if you can be flexible, consider if you can plan a flexible vacation schedule that won’t cost you too much.

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