Even real earthquakes are caused by Taylor Swift’s phenomenal concerts

Thousands of fans at his concerts Taylor Swift In Scotland, they caused… seismic activity was recorded kilometers away from the scene where they occurred in Edinburgh, the British Geological Survey announced.

Dressed in glittering, colorful outfits inspired by various musical periods of the American pop star’s discography, more than 70,000 of her fans, or ‘Swifties’ as they are known, flocked to the Eras Tour concerts at Murrayfield Stadium last weekend.

Their jump resulted in the recording of seismic activity at monitoring stations located 6 kilometers from the site, the British Geological Survey announced.

Seismographs even “discovered” which of his songs were most loved by fans, because they recorded the biggest vibrations there.

Specifically, at all three Taylor Swift concerts, according to the British Geological Survey, the songs “Ready For It?”, “Cruel Summer” and “Champagne Problems” saw the most seismic activity of the night.

Similar seismic activity was recorded at his previous concerts in Seattle and Los Angeles, the former causing seismic activity equal to 2.3 on the Richter scale.

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