Environment: Italian “STOP” on installing solar panels on agricultural land

The Italian government took the initiative to ban mass settlement photovoltaics into the panel agricultural landAccording to the SOS Rural platform, the priority is to protect farmers and the ecological balance.

SOS Rural says this is an absolutely decisive political step for all Southern European villages under pressure from local and national regulations that facilitate the mass occupation of agricultural land owned by farmers, previously burdened by legislation. makes their activity unsustainable.”

The move was welcomed by the said platform, for which “Italy sets a precedent that encourages us to continue to condemn the abuses of politicians and multinationals at the expense of farmers and ranchers, torn apart by Leotian and Kafkaesque rules.”

In Spain, according to SOS Rural, the political group Sumar has also presented a Proposal for a Law (PNL) to regulate the installation of solar panels on farmland and special environmental protection zones, acknowledging the concern it has caused. Italy is trying to create measures that harmonize energy production with agricultural activity to protect agricultural land and the environment.

Concern over desertification of agricultural land occupied by solar panels
The move by the Italian government also comes out of concern about the extent of desertification caused by the massive installation of solar panels, as nothing grows under them and the soil is barren due to the herbicides applied. After the plate bubble bursts, only dry, useless soil, scrap metal and glass will be left where the green CO2-storing plants used to be.

The Italian initiative for SOS Rural points to a before and after, stressing that the issue is “about common sense”. SOS Rural argues that if the government chaired by Georgia Melo agrees with Sumarla in Spain and the extreme sentiments of the European countryside, it is not a matter of ideologies.

This platform opened a listening channel to hear personal situations sent to us by farmers from a large part of Spain, who felt cheated by multinational companies that pressured them to install panels – they were forced by local laws, such as the so-called Mar. Menor Law in the Region of Murcia, where one is literally tiled field, production model in the world- or expropriation of family agricultural land by local authorities.

SOS Rural states that “it is time to affirm the central role of agriculture in our societies and the activity in the agricultural world in general, and to recognize that its conservation is a shared responsibility”.

It therefore calls on all political groups to work together to ensure an appropriate balance between energy production and environmental protection, food sovereignty and the protection of agricultural and livestock activities.

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