Elisa Viliotti President of the Board of Health

Elisa Viliotti is the new president Provincial Board of Health. The elections were held this afternoon, Monday, April 22, in the rooms of the Provincial Health Department. Viliotti succeeds Renzo DoriIn office since 2019, who decided not to run again.

Konsulta, established in 2010 and operating since 2012, consists of voluntary associations that act to protect the right to health and carry out advisory, advocacy and suggestion roles. Guaranteeing his maximum availability for the discussion and reiterating the importance of each contribution to give a more effective response to citizens, health advisor Mario Tonina ensured the participation of the provincial health council in terms of the most pressing issues that the department tackles prevention. Declining birth rates, aging populations, and the development of community medicine are also helping to shorten long waits for visits and specialist services.

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