Dinner of Idiots – Kostas Tsianos at Mylos Theater

“ONEIRON THAUMATA” presents Francis Weber’s “MAN OF IDIOTS” by Kostas Tsianos, staged by Dimitris Vouza, at Mylos Theater on June 15-17, within the framework of the Amateur Stages Festival “THE WHOLE CITY IS ONE STAGE” – Kostas Tsianos.

Every Tuesday in Paris, a group of wealthy townspeople gather for dinner to enjoy themselves. Except, each of them brings “their own idiots” with them in their own secret competition. The winner is the one who brings the “best fool”. One such “smart” person in Francis Weber’s work is the publisher Pierre Brossant.

His “universe” is destroyed and disintegrated in record time thanks to the taxman François Pion, who is eager to build mechanical projects with matches: his wife leaves him, his mistress leaves him, the tax office is about to audit him, his health is failing.

In his play (comedy), Francis Weber reveals a cruel inhuman world with a cannibalistic mood, but shows it to us in a slightly distorted way through a very comical situation, so that we can bear it!

Cast (in order of appearance): Kostas Pelekanos, Dafni Deligianni, Christos Tsakos, Dimitris Vouzas, Fanis Hatzigrivas, Depy Tsirakopoulou, Todoris Matoulas, Christina Kordela.

Information and reservation: 6972700971

General admission: 5 euros

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