D. Nikoloudis: The story behind the songs of Dinos Christianopoulos

TO cultural radio 9.58 his ERT3With an event dedicated to his creativity as part of the 30th anniversary events Dino Christianopoulos respect him eminent poet his Thessaloniki in the store Cultural centre «Reformatory“.

It was first shown there documentary his ERT3 “…you forgot I’m a seed” with him director’s signature his Voulas Kostakis to work Dimitris Nikoloudis performed his poetry under the sounds of music Dino Christianopoulos.

“It was a great night. This excellent documentary was first presented by Voula Kostakis, fellow director of ERT3, with a very good crew who worked for a long time to present this result. The documentary was about the influence of the poet on the youth, and the two interpreters had a wonderful speech,” said the head of the ERT3 radio program at first about the event. Dimitris Nikoloudisspeaking ERTNews show «Refresh“.

“This was followed by a musical presentation with Dino Christianopoulos. The adventure that started in 1985-86, from this collaboration, two discs with the poet’s songs were released,” said D. Nikoloudis, and then told about the history of the creation of these songs.

The story behind the songs of Dinos Christianopoulos

“In the mid-1960s, after an unfulfilled love affair, Dinos Christianopoulos wrote several songs, guided by his lyrics, and he performed himself on a cassette, released by Diagonios publications without the accompaniment of an orchestra or musicians. with his voice. So this tape came into my hands and a couple of other singer-songwriters, myself and Panagiotis Karadimitris, asked and completed some of these songs with orchestra and orchestra, and it was first released in 1994 under the name “Eternal Complaint”. D. Nikoloudis.

“My student-teacher relationship with the poet continued with the songs, I gained a lot from this association, I was lucky, I experienced the valuable knowledge of Dinos Christianopoulos. He was a tireless man,” he added, referring to the iconic poet.

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