Aristophanes’ “The Fortune” at the Forest Theatre

Its big summer production KTHBE “Plutos” of Aristophanesin rendering text and direction without translation Yannis Kakleas, begins with his “journey”. Thessaloniki. The premiere of the play will be held at 20:00 Forest Theater July 3 and 4, To watch a tour in Greece July 19 and 20 will be presented in its context in the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus Athens Epidaurus Festival 2024.

as Khremilos, Manos Vakousis, was recently awarded the Grand Prize of the Karolos Koon Theater. Included in the troupe Alexandra Palaiologou. They participate in the musical part of the play Hatzifrageta, the Nalyssa Green and The Last Guest. The historian-professor of the University of Athens appears to be in violation of the work, Maria Eftimiou.

Khremilos is worried about his son’s future. Which path should he choose in his life: the path of honor that will force him to live in poverty and poverty, or the path of dishonor and corruption that will help him live his life comfortably? A meeting with Pluto, who wanders blindly and is punished by Jupiter, will help to solve his practical problem. What will happen to spirituality? Can wealth go hand in hand with virtue? What is the difference between rich people and really rich people? What is the interest of citizens? Immense personal wealth or rich treasure?

He “wealth” introduced in 388 BC, when the Athenian economy suffered a major blow after the defeat of the Peloponnesian War. THE Yannis Kakleas he undertakes the translation—the free-handing of the text and the direction of Aristophanes and confronts the utopia of the satirical poet, bringing to the stage the dilemmas and anxieties of time.

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